Volunteers are vital to the success and growth of our organization. We hope you consider taking part to lend your expertise in one of these committees.

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Here is a list of our committees. If you find one of interest please complete the volunteer interest form below by clicking on the Sign-Up and Volunteer button.

  • Advocacy Committee - The Advocacy Committee is responsible for supporting the mission, vision, purpose and strategic plan of the association. FHSA is dedicated to the issues that affect Head Start. As a state-level organization, we are a close-knit, collaborative community and we celebrate daily the many successes that each Florida Head Start program provides for Florida's families.

Chair: Kymberly Cook

  • By-Laws Committee - responsible for the creation and maintenance of the organization’s bylaws, which is the set of rules that guide FHSA operations and activities.
Chair: Tim Center
  • Finance Committee - shall prepare an annual budget, recommend fees for membership dues, review the Association's financial status, and provide direction and leadership in fundraising efforts in conjunction with the Board of Directors and staff of the Association. 

Chair: Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins, FHSA Treasurer

  • Marketing/Public Relations Committee - is responsible for providing guidance and support that promote and enhance the mission of the Florida Head Start Association. It's purpose is to increase the overall visibility and enhance the reputation of FHSA. 
Chair: Terri Durdaller
  • Membership Committee - shall provide direction and leadership to expand membership in the Association, develop and evaluate member services, and review and recommend changes to the Bylaws of the Association in conjunction with the Board of Directors and staff of the Association. 

Chair: Natalie Strappy

  • Professional Development Committee  shall work in partnership with Florida institutions to aid with articulation, to identify funding streams for assisting staff with continuing education, and generally advocating for programs and staff to assist with meeting educational mandates. The Committee shall determine training and technical assistance needs, plan and implement training events in conjunction with The Board of Directors and staff of the Association. 

    FHSA Professional Development Committee has seven (7) sub-committees to help assist with the annual conference planning. These sub-committees work hard to ensure our conferences have something for everyone while making the event educational, memorable and pleasant experience for all attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and special guests. Check them out by clicking here. 

Chair: Martha Fitzpatrick

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