The Office of Head Start (OHS) is pleased to announce the selection of Erika Lundy as the Regional Program Manager (RPM) in the Office of Head Start, Region IV, effective Monday, November 7, 2022. 

Erika has worked in the Regional Office for over 15 years in early childhood programming, both as a Program Specialist in the Office of Child Care and as a Supervisory Program Specialist for the Office of Head Start. Within the Office of Head Start, Erika has served as the regional monitoring lead, supporting staff and recipients in monitoring activities. She has experience in multiple government programs, including Head Start, Child Care, WIC, and SNAP. This has allowed her to work with various organizations, including community action agencies, educational systems, and state governments. Erika possesses a master’s degree in Social Service Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

FHSA welcomes Erika with hopes of connecting her with Florida Grantee Recipients soon.